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Name:  Laminitis or "Founder"

Species:  Equine

Age:  Any age, but more common in older horses (chronic laminitis)

Breed/Sex Predilection:  Ponies are at a greater risk.

What is it?  Inflammation of the laminae, which are the connections that suspend the coffin bone within the hoof. As the disease progresses, the coffin bone may begin to rotate or sink within the hoof and can even protrude through the sole. Laminitis can be acute or chronic and clinical or subclinical. Subclinical episodes are not evident to the owner, although laminitis is occurring on the cellular level. These episodes can be recognized in abnormal "laminitic lines" in the hoof several months after the episode.

Cause:  Metabolic...

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September 29, 2017

August 15, 2017

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