Mobile Large Animal Veterinarian in Longs, South Carolina

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Advanced Dentistry

The most advanced preventive care and dental treatments in the Grand Strand

On Location Dentistry



We come to you! We currently serve the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, and Wilmington areas. At your farm, we will sedate your horse, then back them into our portable stocks where they can relax while we perform their treatment. Minis and small donkeys can be worked on outside of the stocks, while average-sized horses and even large draft horses will safely stand in the stocks.

One of our favorite (and biggest!) patients, Charlie! After attempting to work on him standing with heavy sedation, Charlie liked to continuously back in circles, and he was completely uncooperative with just light sedation. He inspired us to finally purchase our stocks, and they worked miracles! As you can see, he's enjoying himself thoroughly, and he is actually completely resting the weight of his hind end on the back bar!

Dentals on minis have their own challenges, but luckily safety is not one of them! We can easily complete their dental procedures without the stocks.

Yes, we can even do cows and other farm animals!