Mobile Large Animal Veterinarian in Longs, South Carolina

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Advanced Dentistry

The most advanced preventive care and dental treatments in the Grand Strand

Our Veterinarian

Karen Bolten, DVM


Dr. Bolten's main area of focus is equine dentistry, and she has logged thousands of hours performing both basic and advanced dentistry procedures. She is a born perfectionist, and dentistry allows her a wonderful outlet for these tendencies! She is an advocate of high quality dental care for all horses, and she especially enjoys managing senior horses with severe dental and weight issues. Through her extensive experience working on this age group, she has found that almost all senior horses can be returned to a healthy state with proper dental care and nutrition. After thoroughly performing a dental exam, specific nutritional recommendations will be made for each horse and their dental status. Dr. Bolten has extensive experience in advanced dental procedures such as difficult extractions, dental nerve blocks, diastema widening, and teeth/sinus infections. She has also continued to hone her dental skills through multiple national dentistry conferences and wet labs, as well as many hours of self-study.

Why should you use us for your dental services?


Our commitment has always been to the highest quality care for your horse and is enhanced by our continued addition of the best dentistry equipment available.


We are not your "typical" equine veterinarians performing dental work. We truly enjoy dentistry, and we are very experienced. We have thousands of hours of dental experience both in basic and advanced cases.


As a full-service equine clinic, we have all the equipment available to solve your horse's dental problem from start to finish. Digital radiography is absolutely necessary for diagnosing infected teeth, sinus disease, checking for root fragments, and staging diseases in individual teeth. We're a "one stop shop" for your horse's dental needs.


We continue to expand our dental horizons each year through national equine veterinary dentistry conferences as well as keeping up with the latest advances in dentistry.


We don't just do dentistry. We always provide nutrition recommendations after examining your horse's mouth. Need vaccines, Coggins, or an annual physical exam? We can do it. Is your horse struggling with multiple medical issues? Using the same veterinarian or veterinay clinic for all of your medical needs makes it more straightforward to manage your horse as a whole, and often saves you money in the end!