Mobile Large Animal Veterinarian in Longs, South Carolina

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Our Equipment

Although our minds are our best tools, we are always updating our equipment to help us do an excellent job! Below are some of the items that allow us to service your animals!

Ambulatory Vehicles


Our SUVs may look small, but there is a lot skillfully organized into each vehicle. We have everything we need for emergencies and routine care already in here! Any special order items can be either shipped directly to your house, or we can arrange a pickup meeting with you. And, of course, with our unique car wraps, there is no mistaking who's arriving at your farm!

Portable Stocks

This has been an amazingly useful addition to our practice! We utilize these on most dentals; not only have these made it safer for everyone involved, but it has allowed us to use more sedation without the fear of a horse leaning. This extra sedation has helped immensely in quieting the mouth further and has allowed us to discover new problems in horses that we have been working on for years!


More recently we have used the stocks on older horses who have arthritis problems, which results in difficulty trimming their feet. We have worked along with their farriers to allow them to lean against and rest on the stocks, resulting in far better farrier work than would have otherwise been able to be accomplished!


There are many more additional uses, including during laceration repair, reproductive palpation, and more!

Digital Radiography (X-rays)

Our commitment to offering the best care possible has allowed us to add on digital radiography! Digital radiographs provide far higher quality over conventional film radiographs, and our system also allows us the advantage of seeing and evaluating your horse's radiographs right on your farm, which not even computed radiography allows! This huge 14" x 17" plate can fit far more on one X-ray image than typical, smaller plates - we have fit anything from entire skulls (miniature horses) to entire humeruses (full-sized horses). While we take the radiographs, we also have lead gowns available for the horse handler to decrease x-ray exposure.

Top-of-the-line Dental Equipment

As a practice that is focused on high-standard dental care, our equipment reflects our commitment to providing your animal the best quality dental care possible. Our PowerFloat is the latest model available with several different attachments to best work on all the teeth with as little discomfort to your horse as possible, and unexpectedly has been a huge improvement over the basic PowerFloat model that we upgraded from! We also have a large variety of dental tools to diagnose and treat many different dental conditions, including a mirror, picks, probes, diastema burrs, extractors, currettes, and an extremely bright light source. We also utilize on-location radiography to help diagnose and properly treat various dental conditions.


Our ultrasound is brand new on the market, top of the line, and we are the first and only equine practice to have it yet! This machine can ultrasound anything needed on your horse - tendons, abdomens, reproductive tracts, hearts, masses, and more! It has new probe technology, a huge screen, and is completely portable.

Electronic Medical Records

Paper invoices are a thing of the past in the human medical field, and so goes veterinary medicine. To meet the current standard and to provide better service, we have updated to electronic medical records. Not only are these more efficient and less wasteful of paper, but our cloud-based system allows us to access all of your animals' records from any location and to finish, email, and print invoices directly from our vehicle! We can also attach any pictures (or documents) directly to your invoice so you can have copies of any pictures we took while working on your animal!

Dart Gun and Blow Dart

Whether it's an emergency, or an animal that is just extremely adverse to needles, blow darts increase the safety level of all involved, and since it is operated by just blowing, it does not cause tissue damage as would a dart gun. We hope this will help us more safely and less stressfully work on some of our patients!

Microchip Reader


Just like dogs and cats, horse can get lost and stolen also! In our area, a particular concern is hurricanes - microchipping your horse may be the difference between getting your horse back or losing them. We can both check to see if your horse has been previously microchipped, as well as place the microchip itself.