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FAQs About Our Practice Transition

​​We have planned extensively to ensure there will be as little disruption in our client care as possible during this transition, so to ensure you feel confident in your continuing care, here are the answers to some questions you may have. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us!
General Questions
  • What is happening?!

    • Dr. Amanda Chang is the new owner of Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic, and Dr. Karen Bolten will be working on a limited part-time basis, while completing a dual business degree in Management and Marketing.

  • Why did Dr. Bolten choose to do this?

    • She developed a strong interest in the business side of the field while owning the practice, while at the same time experiencing the struggles that owners of small-scale large animal veterinary practices endure. She feels that she has ideas and skills that she believes may allow her to help animals on a scale beyond the scope of her current abilities...or she at least feels called to try!

  • Why did Dr. Bolten choose to sell to Dr. Chang specifically?

    • As many of you have noticed over the past couple of years, Dr. Chang is an extremely kind person who has the welfare of our patients at the forefront of her mind – that is the main reason why Dr. Bolten chose her to be the new owner – she knew she could trust that her patients would be in the hands of someone who would respect them, who would never not go to an emergency call, who would never abandon an animal in obvious need. This was extremely important to her. Information can be taught, and skills can be learned, but this personality trait is an innate quality that cannot be developed.

  • How have you planned for this transition? In other words, can I still expect the same level of care?

    • We have been planning all aspects of this transition for the past year to minimize as many hiccups for our clients as possible! Of course, we do expect there will be some unexpected transitional problems, although we hope minor. If you experience these – we ask that you please give us feedback on how we can improve and make your experience as an owner better! Our ownership may be changing, but our commitment to constant improvement is not!

Patients and Records

  • Will my Wellness Plans still be in effect?

    • Yes! It was very important to us that continuity of care was maintained in general, but especially with the Wellness Plans. We still have all of these horses on our radar, and you will be called to schedule your appointment when they are due, as always!

  • Will prices be increasing?

    • No worries! They will stay the same with only annual fluctuations based on the normal supplier changes.

  • Will my records transfer?

    • Yes – all records are still accessible, and we will still be calling you to schedule your annual or bi-annual appointments!

  • If I have an outstanding invoice, does this mean I do not owe anything now? ;)

    • Unfortunately not - Dr. Chang has legally assumed the accounts receivables as well, so all outstanding invoices are still due. Sorry! :)


Scheduling and Care

  • If I want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bolten, can I still do that?

    • Yes - Dr. Bolten will still be seeing appointments on a limited basis during the summer and will be covering on-call intermittently. Please call to schedule.

  • Will 24/7 emergency care still be available?

    • Yes! Since 2010, we are proud to say we have never left our patients without emergency coverage, and that will never change!

  • Has your contact information changed?

    • No, our phone number, email address, and PO Box are all the same!

  • Will there be any loss of services? Will advanced dentistry still be provided?

    • No, all the same services will still be provided, including all the advanced dentistry procedures. Dr. Chang has spent the past several years perfecting her dentistry skills through both continuing education and through training with Dr. Bolten. Everything from routine floats to extractions, sinus flushing, and radiography will still be available. Dr. Chang has logged hundreds of hours of dentistry during her time with MBEC.

  • Will your service area be changing?

    • For the most part, there will be no change to our service area. We do have some long-time clients in outlying areas, including Charleston and Wilmington – please call to schedule for your routine calls! As long as we can schedule a vet to cover the Myrtle Beach area, we can still schedule your appointments!



If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can call us at (843) 340-3329, email us at, or message us through Facebook!