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Giving Back to the Community

As veterinarians, we think an important part of our role in the community is to use our skills and resources to help improve the lives of disadvantaged animals. Each year, we try to grow our community outreach to help further the amount of animals we can help, and although the process is slow, we are happy that we have been able to help at least a few animals that would have otherwise gone without veterinary intervention. For more information on our community involvement, read on below.

Discounts for Rescue Organizations


All 501c3 organizations automatically receive a 20% discount on all care, and we often provide additional care at no cost. We believe these organizations are providing a much needed and very important service to animals that we strongly support! Many of these animals come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect, and therefore need that much more love and care!


Low Cost Vaccination Clinics


Due to the incredibly high number of Eastern Equine Encephalitis cases in the summer of 2013, we began offering low cost vaccination clinics to attempt to get as many at-risk horses vaccinated against this extremely deadly disease as possible. Since 2013, we have vaccinated dozens of at-risk, previously unvaccinated horses, and we have increased our educational efforts throughout our whole area, but especially in the communities that seem to have the most cases.


The Major Fund


Our donation-based fund to benefit animals whose owners cannot afford necessary or life-saving care. For patients receiving help through The Major Fund, we provide much discounted care and use these funds to cover supplies, medications, and other hard costs. Helping this group of animals is an extremely important part of our practice, and we hope to continue to expand the reach of these funds as donations grow!



We have organized Christmas fundraisers and supply drives for local area animal shelters since 2013. Our shelter of choice for 2014 was Marion County Animal Shelter. Pictured here are the items collected.