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In the Media

american heart association beach ride myrtle beach sc horse equine vet

Beachgoers raise stink at what's left behind after annual horse ride on beach
Angela Nicholas, The Sun News, November 20, 2015


It’s not the recent horse ride on the beach for charity that has some beachgoers complaining -- it’s what’s left behind.
     The city of Myrtle Beach and Horry County -- the two jurisdictions where the annual American Heart Association beach ride occurred Nov. 7 -- have received several complaints about the horse manure that was left on the beach after the 20-mile ride.
     Crews clean up after the horses, but don’t get it all. Nice weather that weekend might also have led to more folks than usual .....


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coal sc-cares rescue horse
Coal reigns as SC-CARES’ elder horse

Cindy Hedrick, The Sun News, February 3, 2015 


Coal is a Friesian/Morgan mix — a “mutt,” so to speak, in the horse world. He came to us at the S.C. Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary in Georgetown in May of 2009 after a death in the human family forced them to place their horses elsewhere.


Coal was already an old man when he arrived at 22 years of age, but thankfully, the Friesian lifespan in horses is higher than that of other breeds. After his initial exam, it was determined that he had detached retinas in both eyes, most likely a result from being hit in the head by something, hard enough to cause this eye injury...


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Wet weather is contributing to deadly disease in horses

Joel Allen, WPDE New Channel 15, July 2013

A Grand Strand veterinarian is reporting an alarming increase this summer in a disease that's deadly to horses.

       Dr. Karen Bolten of the Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic says she believes the outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis may be weather-related.

       Bolten says many horses in the area have not been vaccinated for the disease or they've only been vaccinated once, when she recommends at least two shots per year.

      Bolten says EEE, also called sleeping sickness, is a disease that attacks the brain and kills about 90 percent of the horses that get it.....

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Encephalitis killing Horry County horses

Theo Hayes, WMBF News, July 17, 2013

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of horses at the Rock Smith Farm in Myrtle Beach are being monitored following the deaths of several others in Horry County from equine encephalitis.

        Doctor Karen Bolten, the veterinarian for Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic says she has already had to put down four horses in the past three weeks in Horry County, and she's awaiting the tests on three others.

        Equine encephalitis is a mosquito-bourne neurological illness that kills more than 90 percent of horses that become infected.

        "If they are still standing they like to stumble around. They don't want to move. Their heads hang low, and they act very sedated," says Bolten. "I saw one this morning that was just constantly biting at the grass. It's very strange behavior."....

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twin foals conway sc horse equine vet
Rare twin foals survive first week of life

Amanda Kelley, The (Myrtle Beach) Sun-News, April 2013

CONWAY, SC — Twin foals celebrated a milestone last week just by surviving their first week of life.

        Daina Baker had been watching her horse Pretty like a hawk for about a month, anticipating the birth. The mare had been pregnant for 370 days by April 11 when she noticed something amiss about 3 a.m.

        “I noticed she kept getting up, laying down, getting up,” Baker said. “I knew something wasn’t right so I went out and noticed the red bag was there.”

        The red bag is part of the placenta and usually is passed by the mare after...

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dr karen bolten horse equine vet american heart association beach ride 2012
Horse Tales

Episode 36


On this week's show we are in Kingstree, S.C. for the Kingstree Trials Horse Race. This is an annual event that is being held every fall and if you've never been, it needs to be on your calendar for next year. We talked with a few people that are in charge of making this event happen and also some owners and trainers.

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dr karen bolten florence sc eye exam
Wet summer brings killer equine virus to Pee Dee

Gavin Jackson, August 2012


The rumbling of a combine with a hopper full of freshly harvested, golden corn in an Effingham field is a reminder of the great growing season the Pee Dee has had, with a warm winter allowing farmers to plant earlier to benefit from rains that lasted through the summer.

          There are other beneficiaries of these conditions as well.

          Among the most nefarious of them are mosquitoes who have not only been annoying, but ......

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dr karen bolten wpde eastern equine encephalitis 2012
WPDE Channel 15 News Segment about Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Joel Allen, July 2012

Mosquitoes could be a big problem in our area this summer. That could lead to serious health issues and not just for humans. Local veterinarians are concerned about Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a mosquito-borne virus that's nearly always deadly to horses.

          At least two cases of the disease have already been diagnosed ....

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dr karen bolten horse tales heart association beach ride 2011

Horse Tales
Episode 10, November 2011

On this week's show we are back at Myrtle Beach, S.C. for the ACTHA Ride at Lakewood Campground. Now this was quite an experience! This was a competitive trail ride on the beach. There were 6 obstacles and you got points for your performance at each one. We spoke to the founders of this amazing organization on the show as well as a few other people we met along the way. We would like to say a special ....

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