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Food + Fiber Animal Services

Goats, sheep, cattle, camelids, and pigs have become a large part of our practice, both as pets and production animals. We offer a variety of services for these species. Below we have highlighted some of the more common services we provide. Contact us if you have any questions about these or additional services.
Bovine Herd Health Consultation

Herd health is critical for profitability and animal welfare. Often times, it is helpful to look at the herd as a whole to identify and solve issues. This includes:

  • Herds with frequent reproductive issues (dystocias, prolapses, low pregnancy rates, etc.)

  • Poor body condition/ill thrift of the herd

  • Frequent respiratory disease (pneumonia in both adults and calves)

  • Unexpected deaths, disease outbreaks, and illness in the herd

These issues and many others can be identified and addressed with a herd consultation. Much can be done to improve overall health and welfare of the herd, often times with simple management changes. Please give us a call so we can help your herd!

Small Ruminant and Camelid Herd Health Consultations

Sheep, goats, and camelids have become popular as both pets and production animals. To get the most enjoyment and profit from your herd many factors must be considered. Nutrition, parasite control, facilities management, disease surveillance, reproductive management, and other herd issues must all be considered. We can help your herd become healthy and profitable whether you have only a couple of animals or a large operation. Call us today to schedule a herd consultation for your animals to improve profitability, and maximize the health and welfare of your animals.



We are always available for fielding emergencies in all of our patients! Whether you have a down cow, a dystocia, or a sick sick calf or kid, as soon as you realize you have a problem, please call us, as the sooner we intervene, the more likely that we can save your animal as a profitable, contributing member of your herd!

Parasite Control

Parasite problems are the biggest problem we see in our goat and camelid patients. Proper management can be rather straightforward, and (believe it or not) inexpensive, but we have found that many of our clients are not aware of the most up-to-date parasite management recommendations. The main signs of parasite problems that we see are sudden deaths (sometimes multiple), weight loss, poor hair coats, slow growth, and diarrhea. If you have noticed any of these problems in your herd or pets, please call us today to schedule a herd consult!

Reproduction Services


We are happy to help with everything from castrations to dystocias (difficult births). We can castrate all of the major food and fiber animal species. We have worked on dystocias in many species, and can provide a calf puller for cattle. If you are noticing your animal having difficulty passing her baby, please do not hesitate to call us! The sooner you call us, the higher the chances are of saving not only the baby, but the mother also!



Our practice's commitment to high quality dentistry services does not stop with horses! We have treated many food and fiber animals for dental-related issues as well. Whether it's a senior animal with loose teeth that need to be extracted, or a younger animal with a tooth root infection, we provide full service dentistry to food animals also! Signs of dental problems include slowly eating, dropping feed, swelling of the face or mandible (known as "lumpy jaw), and loss of weight or conditioning. While some dental treatments may be extensive, often the cost of the animal's continued production as a valuable member of your herd outweigh the cost of the treatments!

Disease Testing


Many production animals are required to be tested for certain diseases before their product can be sold to the public or before they can be shipped over state lines. We have performed testing for brucellosis, tuberculosis, and anaplasmosis, and other tests can be performed upon request!