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Lameness Treatment + Sport Horse Medicine

Whether you enjoy the occasional weekend trail ride with friends or are training for high level competition, the soundness of your horse is pivotal to your enjoyment and success. No matter what level you ride at or what discipline you compete in, the health and performance of your horse is important to us. We offer lameness work ups including gait analysis, diagnostic anesthesia, high quality digital radiographs, and ultrasonography to find the cause of lameness and formulate a plan to get your horse back to work.

Digital Radiography


Our portable digital radiograph (X-ray) system provides extremely high quality images that enhance our ability to diagnose the cause of your horse's lameness. Digital radiographs provide far higher quality over conventional film radiographs, and our system also allows us the advantage of seeing and evaluating your horse's radiographs right on your farm, which not even computed radiography allows! Our huge 14" x 17" plate can fit far more on one X-ray image than typical, smaller plates - we have fit anything from entire skulls (miniature horses) to entire humeruses (full-sized horses). While we take the radiographs, we also have lead gowns available for the horse handler to decrease x-ray exposure.

This image compares film radiographs (left) to a digital radiograph. These radiographs were taken of the same horse, one year apart, and demonstrate the huge advantage in the diagnostic quality of digital radiographs.

Portable Ultrasonography


Our ultrasound system is the newest and best unit from Universal Imaging. It allows us to obtain high resolution images of tendons, muscles, and joints in order to both diagnose and treat your horse's condition. We can also use our ultrasound to guide cervical and sacroileal injections.


Once we determine a diagnosis, it is important to monitor your horse's progress, and we will often repeat the ultrasound exam at recheck appointments to check that your horse is healing as expected and also to decide when he or she is able to go back into work.

Joint Injections and Therapy


Once the lameness is localized, we often utilize various joint injections to improve the health of the joint and reduce the pain level of the horse. Depending on the speciifc diagnosis and athletic expectation for each horse, we will prescribe a treatment plan that may include joint injections such as steroids, hyaluronic acid, or platelet rich plasma; medications such as anti-inflammatories and systemic joint therapy medications; and physical rehabilitation instructions.


Hyaluronic acid injection in the stifle for treatment of arthritis

Sport Horse Medicine


Sports medicine is not just lameness care, but whole horse care for the equine athlete. We combine nutrition, dental care, orthopedic treatments, farriery recommendations,  orthopedic treatments, and pre-purchase examinations to help your horse compete safely and to the best of his or her ability.


Views of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine taken on a farm with our radiography equipment. This horse shows no abnormalities.

Laminitis (Founder) Treatment


Laminitis is one of the most common lameness causes treated by our practice, and although it can be a very difficult disease to treat, many horses can be returned to both their original physical conformation as well as a fully sound state. Radiographic evaluation of the coffin bone and hoof growth is integral to full recovery, and we work intimately with corrective farriers to ensure that your horse is getting the best care at every stage!