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Weight Management

Being either underweight or overweight can be a serious issue. Let us help you find the right balance for your horse!

Underweight horses' problems can range from minor hair quality or shedding issues in mild cases to major organ failure and death in severe, chronic cases. We believe the latter should not happen in the majority of cases; diagnosis of the condition causing the weight issue and proper treatment can prevent the majority of weight-related mortality.

Overweight horses come with their own problems, and unfortunately, fat doesn't equal happy! Just like people, overweight horses' metabolism and hormones are not functioning properly, and they often have insulin resistance problems (think diabetic people!). Moreover, these hormonal imbalances can lead to chronic, recurrent laminitis (founder), which can also be life-limiting. Also similar to people, obesity can exacerbate arthritis problems in older horses. Although diet and exercise are the cornerstone of weight loss, sometimes we need to intervene with medications to treat the underlying issue.


Rosey is Dr. Bolten's 30 year old National Show Horse who returned to her last summer with a body condition score of 2/9. Although she was being fed constantly by the previous caretakers, due to the extremely poor shape of her teeth, she could not process the food she was being fed. She was essentially starving to death. Through both dietary changes and dentistry, Rosey has returned to a proper body condition score and is as active as a young horse! On her second dental exam, we discovered a fractured tooth, which was extracted. We will continue to examine her teeth every 6 months.


Fortune was a 28 year old Thoroughbred gelding who Dr. Bolten was called to euthanize. Recognizing that Fortune had many issues, but all seemingly workable ones, his owner allowed us to try to save him. Between dietary changes, dental care, and a short course of medications, Fortune has regained his body condition score to almost ideal. His attitude and energey level has improved greatly, and his hair coat is markedly improved. Through many small changes and devoted care from his owner and barn workers, Fortune will hopefully have several more years of good life in him! We're happy to say that almost a year after first meeting Fortune, he's still happy and heathy!


Little Red
Little Red is a rescued Arabian gelding who had constant weight issues. His owners had tried over-the-counter sand products as well as feed changes before we tried the Assure system. He was our first Assure success story, and many others have followed! Assure not only effectively clears sand from the intestinal tract (and has the university-performed research to prove this!), but also is great for just re-establishing good intestinal health. We have also successfully used this on chronic, recurrent colickers.

Assure can be obtained both through our clinic and through the Arenus website. Please contact us for details on dosing volume and frequency!