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Wellness Plans 2017

In order to help save you money, we present our Wellness Plans! We appreciate you using our practice for all of your preventative care, so we provide discounts for clients that choose a Wellness plan. (We are always price shopping for deals, so prices are subject to change.)


                                                               Basic                 Dental Plus              Premium

Annual Exam                                         FREE                                     FREE                                        FREE

Coggins                                                  Included                               Included                                 Included

Core Vaccines                                     Included                                Included                                 Included

Flu/Rhino Vaccines                                  X                                            X                                        Included

Dentals                                                One Dental                          Two Dentals                           One Dental

Dewormers                                          Included                                Included                                 Included

Farm Calls                                        $10 Off Each                         $10 Off Each                         $20 Off Each

Emergency Fees                                 50% Off                                  50% Off                         No emergency fees

Extra Exams                                                X                                             X                             Unlimited Free Exams

Medications                                                X                                             X                                          10% Off




Pricing starts at $31 per month


*Additional discount available for up-front payment



* The Wellness Plan chart is best viewed on a computer screen. If you are viewing it on a phone or tablet, click here for a mobile-friendly version!