Surgical Services

Many surgeries can be performed on your farm. While some require general anesthesia, such as castrations, we attempt to do most surgeries with your horse standing, utilizing sedation and local anesthesia to make for a pain-free procedure. Below are some of the most common on-farm surgeries we perform.

Enucleation due to squamous cell carcinoma on the eye

Extraction of a cheek tooth in a young horse


Extraction of any teeth

Treatment of infected teeth and sinuses



Laceration repair

Chronic wound treatment


Mass removals




Temporary or permanent entropion correction

Third eyelid removal



Emergency tracheotomy



Routine castration

Caslick's procedure

Urethral extension amputation (goats)

Temporary tacking sutures for entropion in a foal

Field castration

Mobile Large Animal Veterinarian in Longs, South Carolina

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