Mobile Large Animal Veterinarian in Longs, South Carolina

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Small Animal Services

Although our practice is oriented towards large animals, we are happy to offer limited small animal services to our clients.


We are able to provide your dogs and cats with all routine vaccines including 1 and 3 year Rabies. Although we do routinely carry these vaccines with us, please let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment if you would like us to vaccinate your small animals so that we can be sure we bring enough vaccines!



Diagnostic Bloodwork and Heartworm Testing

We can easily draw blood on your animals for routine bloodwork and diagnostic testing, including heartworm, FeLV, and FIV tesing, as well as evaluation of liver, kidney, and thyroid function.


Heartworm is a devastating disease spread from mosquitoes to dogs. It is important to test your dogs once per year for this disease and to keep them on a prescribed preventative medication year-round. Testing for heartworm is very easy, and can be completed at your house or farm in under 10 minutes.

Acupuncture and Alternative Therapies

Treatment of many medical conditions is often best done in a multi-modal approach, utilizing both conventional medicine and medical treatments as well as alternative therapies such as acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy, or herbal treatments. Dry needling acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and moxibustion are an important part of chronic pain management programs, and may help with other chronic diseases as well. For clients that would prefer more natural treatments for their pet's condition, we are happy to recommend herbal therapies in conjunction with or as a potential alternative to your pet's conventional medications.

Hospice Care and End of Life Services​

There are many ways to help your pet's senior years be more comfortable, and we are happy to help you with a plan to manage your pet's medical conditions and pain management. As your pet ages or is suffering from a terminal disease, there may also come a time where it is best for your pet's quality of life to humanely euthanize them. Although this is a hard part of our job, we know that this is a very important service that can prevent much unneeded suffering. We understand that it can be extremely hard to make this decision, so we are happy to speak with you about your pet's condition and to help you make the best decision for your pet's well-being. This service is available 24/7 (please hit the "emergency" button if you call after hours).


Microchipping your animals is the best way to return them to you should they become lost or get stolen. In our area, where hurricanes and flooding can cause property damage that may let your pets loose, microchipping can be critical in getting your pet back to you! We can microchip virtually any species for you.

Cat Neutering​

Neutering intact male cats is a quick, easy, and inexpensive procedure that can easily be accomplished on your farm. You can play a big role in helping to reduce cat overpopulation by neutering barn cats and stray males. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer cat spays or dog spays and neuters. These should be performed under sterile conditions and with the animal on gas anesthesia. We are happy to refer you to an office that provides these services!