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Imaging Services

To provide the best care for your animals, we need the best imaging equipment available. It has been very important to us to invest in the latest, top of the line equipment so that we can diagnose and treat your animal quicker and more effectively.

digital radiography

Digital Radiography


Our 14" x 17" cordless digital plate delivers extremely high quality images! We are able to evaluate hooves and legs, teeth and sinuses, cervical spines, chests on foals, and even abdomens on small ruminants. We are able to view the images immediately and will email you a copy of the xrays!

digital radiography



Our ultrasound unit has two separate probes, allowing us to image everything from tendons to hearts, abdomens, and reproductive tracts. Obtaining high quality images of these structures will help us guide you more effectively in both diagnosing and treating your horse's condition. 

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