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Coggins Test

horse coggins blood test

The Coggins test is a blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia, a very serious disease spread mainly by horse flies. Most states require this test to be performed once per year on any horses entering the state, who leave their permanent location, or who permanently reside at a public location (including boarding facilities).

We offer both the digital and hand-drawn versions, as well as "rushed" Coggins, which can be faxed to you usually within 24 hours of obtaining the blood sample. Benefits of digital Coggins include pictures of your horse that cannot be confused for another, the ability to access your Coggins online instead of waiting for it to be mailed, and the ability to obtain another copy of your Coggins should you lose it. Unfortunately, hand-drawn Coggins can no longer be replaced should you lose them, per recent changes in state regulations.

To access your digital Coggins, please visit the Global Vet Link website!


Health Certificates

horse equine health certificate passport
horse equine health certificate passport

Health certificates are legal documents stating that your animal appears to be healthy and should not be a risk of infection to other animals. You must have a valid Health Certificate if you are crossing state lines. Like Coggins, these help decrease the spread of deadly and economically significant diseases. To obtain a health certificate, your animal must be examined by a veterinarian and prove to be healthy. Horses are also required to have a negative Coggins test before the health certificate can be issued.

At this time, there are two versions of health certificates available:

 -  30 Day Health Certificate: This is the most commonly used type, and can be immediately issued to you after examining your horse as long as you have an up-to-date Coggins.

-   6 Month Health Certificate (Equine Event Permit): These certificates may be helpful for owners who are routinely leaving the state for shows or other events. To obtain this certificate, a 30 day health certificate is first issued. During this time, an application for the Equine Event Permit is processed by the state veterinarian. Once completed, you will receive an identification card with your horse's pictures and information that will be valid for 6 months as a legal health certificate, or until your Coggins expires, whichever comes first. You will need to document your itinerary, and either mail the completed itinerary to Clemson, or retain it in your records for 3 years. For more information on the Equine Event Permit, please visit the Clemson website. Note that the Equine Event Permit is only valid for participating states.

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